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I have always LOVED traveling. When I was eight, I was lucky enough to visit Disney World and Anchorage, Alaska in the same summer! I thought it was so cool to see two very different locations and enjoy exploring both. In one experience I was a tourist, in a hot and humid climate, watching a magical world unfold around me. In the other, I was on an Air Force base, it was daytime almost 24 hours and I got to go camping, explore the wilderness and see GLACIERS. What?! Since then, I have visited Italy, London, Wales, Ireland, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Hawaii and many other breathtaking, beautiful parts of the U.S. This past year I was lucky enough (maybe?) to drive across country.... twice! Whenever I travel, I love taking pictures, but these last few years whenever I've embarked on a new adventure I've also taken the opportunity to learn more about photography and really try to push myself to improve my technique. On this page you will see some of the shots I have achieved in doing so! I hope you enjoy ♡

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